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op.32 no.2

by Chopin
Advanced Difficulty
A-flat major
The Nocturnes, Op. 32 are a set of two nocturnes written and published by Frédéric Chopin in 1837.[1][2] The nocturnes are dedicated to Madame Camile de Billing[2] and are the only two nocturnes in this opus. These nocturnes are not as impressive as their predecessors, the Nocturnes Op. 27.[2] While each piece "exemplifies one of the composer's various approaches to nocturne form," Blair Johnson felt that, in the piece, the "moments of originality and power stick out in a way that they couldn't have, had the entirety of the pieces been sewn of finer silk."[2] James Huneker also found this set "a little tiresome."[3] Gustav Barth commented that Chopin's nocturnes are definite signs of "progress" in comparison to John Field's original nocturnes, though the improvements are "for the most part only in technique."[4] However, David Dubal feels that the pieces are "more aptly described as ballades in miniature."[5]
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